Management & Operations Consulting


Renaissance Culinary Innovation is changing the way the culinary experience is delivered to the guest. Our focus is to create dynamic and vibrant restaurants throughout all levels of care which increase resident satisfaction, improve community marketability, and enhance the lives of the residents. This holistic approach allows us to capture the synergy between various groups within the community and enhancing the culinary experience. Some of the services offered by our Management and Operations Consulting Team include:


• Organizational Restructuring
• Financial Modeling
• Business Plans
• Marketing Plans
• Meal Plan
• Staffing Models
• Operating Manuals
• Self-Operated vs. Outsourced Studies
• Retail Strategies
• Menu Planning
• Consolidation Studies
• Management Information Systems
• HACCP Planning


Our goal is to help communities create a differentiation advantage over their competition and provide the value and outcomes that will make the culinary program operationally superior and cost efficient.


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Redefining the Culinary Experience in Senior Living!

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